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Dining At Home

Living in rural Norfolk or Suffolk can often mean that the nearest restaurant is several miles away which means either someone has to drive or taxis need booking, then there are the babysitters to be arranged.  Next time why not let the Cherry Catering Company do the hard work for you and bring the food and experience to you?

We can do this in two ways:

A ‘deliver and drop’ service – we provide the food, full instructions and timings to your home (or place of work if more convenient).  The food requires minimum preparation, and only basic kitchen knowledge – you would need to know how to switch on the oven – that’s about it!  Watch our video!

Have the Cherry Catering Company in your own kitchen for the evening – food will be prepared and served in your home.  Prior to the date we will discuss what you would like to eat including any dietary requirements/allergies.  The Cherry Catering Company will then devise a detailed menu, giving you a full quote covering time, ingredients and any travel/delivery costs so there won’t be any unexpected charges. You will supply crockery, cutlery, glassware, serving dishes etc., set the table, ensure guests arrive on the right day and time (!) and we will cook and serve the food, and then clear down the kitchen while you eat.  The dishwasher gets loaded and we leave once the kitchen is clean and the food is served.

Some typical prices:

3 course dinner party for 8 – £240

Use the Dinners to your Door Menu menu or In your Kitchen Menu menu to make your choice, if your favourite dish is not listed or you have any other questions please call Gemma on 07824 818 363.