Small but memorable, canapés are a delight to the eye and the taste buds. A selection of canapés can replace a meal and add to the wow-factor of your event.

A speciality of the Cherry Catering Company, we provide beautifully presented items that will enchant your guests.

For a 2 hour drinks party, allow 8 – 10 pieces per guest and choose at least 4 different canapés.
For a canapés only party served in place of a meal, allow 12 – 14 pieces per guest and choose at least 6 different canapés.

Canapé Menu to Download (with full allergy labeling)

Canapé Menu

divider logoWarm Canapés
  • Beef meatball with rich tomato sauce on a skewer
  • Honey-mustard sausage balls on a skewer
  • Saucy Asian meatballs on a skewer
  • Skewered king prawn with chorizo
  • Frittata diamond with spicy tomato dip on a skewer
  • Broccoli cheese balls on a skewer
  • Shot of soup (various flavours available) with croutons
  • Halloumi and bacon rolls
  • Mini potato skins with cheese and chives
  • Spoon of Thai green chicken curry with prawn cracker
  • Tandoori roasted new potatoes with yoghurt mint dip
  • Lamb and cumin meatballs on a skewer with yoghurt mint dip
  • Spanakopita bites
  • Mini bangers and mash
  • Paprika chicken bites
  • Japanese chicken meatballs with sesame and nori garnish
  • Bourbon glazed pork belly chunks
divider logoCool Canapés
  • Caprese salad on a skewer
  • Cucumber bites with smoked and fresh salmon rillette
  • Anti-pasti skewer
  • Blue cheese and walnut balls with grapes
  • Chilli and lime king prawn skewers
  • Polenta with fig and red onion relish and goat’s cheese
  • Cubes of ham hock terrine with piccalilli (Minimum 40)
  • Greek salad on a skewer
  • Dates stuffed with blue cheese
  • Spoon of Bloody Mary prawn cocktail
  • Parma ham and melon ball
  • Spoon of prawn and mango in Thai dressing served with prawn cracker
  • Spoon of Coronation chicken with poppadum sprinkle
  • Ploughman’s skewers
  • Skewer of smoked mackerel and beetroot with horseradish crème fraiche dip
  • Spoon of tuna carpaccio with sesame seeds, wasabi and soy sauce
  • Cucumber bites with blue cheese mousse and walnut
  • Cheesy pesto stars
  • Spoon of prawn cocktail
  • Goat’s cheese, bacon and red pepper truffle rolled in crushed pistachios
  • Oregano flavoured crostini with chicken liver paté
  • Cucumber bites with smoked mackerel paté and beetroot
divider logoSweet Canapés
  • Spoon of lemon posset
  • Spoon of chocolate mousse
  • Spoon of raspberry fool
  • Cookie dough balls on a skewer with hot chocolate dip
  • Salted caramel grapes with crushed peanuts
  • Pimm’s jelly cubes