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Cherry Catering - Gemma Harvey
Cherry Catering

Take one farmer’s daughter, born and bred in Suffolk with home raised meat and freshly grown vegetables to enjoy every day.

Stir in some university years followed by high flying office jobs in London where the food just didn’t seem to taste the same.

Now sprinkle in a Eureka moment when this farmer’s daughter realised the career she really craved was to bring others that same experience of fabulous fresh food she had enjoyed as a child.

And voila… The Cherry Catering Company was born.

Cherry Catering Company is the vision of Gemma Harvey. It brings together her passion for cooking with her delight in the right ingredients.

All her dishes are prepared by hand with thought and care. All are imaginative, fascinating, delicious, mouth-watering. And all are sourced locally in East Anglia whenever possible.

From finger food to sit down banquets, Gemma will personally tailor the catering to the requirements of your function. She is highly professional. She will proactively help you create your big day and then blend quietly into the background, letting her food speak for itself.